Anxiety is a psychological condition affecting the lives of nearly 2.3 Million Australians, so you are not alone if you have been diagnosed with even mild anxiety. It is debilitating and can affect every part of your life or be associated with one specific part such as anxiety around relationships or social anxiety.

Anxiety symptoms vary in intensity but generally present as follows:

  • Persistent, repetitive thoughts
  • Worry
  • Obsessive thinking
  • Avoidance of situations where you feel anxious.
  • Unsettled feeling or restlessness
  • Hypervigilance
  • Feelings of dread

In the brain, anxiety and fear receive similar attention but true fear reactions are based upon a real threat and anxiety responses are based around a perceived threat. Saying that, the feelings of anxiety are very real and impact on life. Many of our clients have experience with regular anxiety attacks or panic attacks which they have reported to have reduced over a course of sessions.

The client’s we have worked with who have been diagnosed with anxiety or an anxiety related disorder sought out NeurOptimal Neurofeedback to help them manage the strong thoughts and feelings that were reducing the quality of their daily lives. Neurofeedback can help the brain self-regulate, so they commented that after a series of sessions their brains had ‘less chatter’, they were able to think more clearly and make less impulsive decisions.

Sometimes it can feel like anxiety is ruling every decision you make; it is very common, and we have been privileged to witness the positive changes in clients who have worked with us using NeurOptimal we would love to work with you too.

“I rented a system after hearing about Neurofeedback from a friend down in Sydney. I rented a machine for 2 sets of 4 weeks. For the first time in my life, I had a clear mind! I found myself walking round the house singing, instead of weighed down by the to-do list in my head. I thought to myself “is this what other people feel like all the time?”. The differences were subtle, but overall, profound. I can leave the house without a lot of stress beforehand; I can navigate conversations that previously I would have wanted to check out of, and I found myself more stable and level-headed in my work. Things that would have stressed me previously don’t. I realized life had been way harder for me than it needed to be, and it didn’t have to be like that forever. I’m really thankful to Gema and NeurOptimal for making this kind of training available to everyone.”