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Neurofeedback session

FREE Initial Appointment

We use this free session to get to know briefly what’s motivated you to seek out Neurofeedback. We are not therapists so it’s not a talk therapy session it is a chance to share what you feel comfortable so that we best know how to support you though this process.

We go through the many aspects of Neurofeedback, the NeurOptimal Dynamical system itself, how we work and answer any questions you might have. Then if you feel comfortable, we can hook you up for your first session to try it out.  This appointment lasts between 1- 1.5 hours.

Tracking your progress between regular sessions

We want everyone to feel proud of their progress and to feel they got value for the time and money they invested. The effects of NeurOptimal are described by our clients as being powerful but subtle so it can be easy to lose sight of how much progress has been made if we don’t track changes at the beginning of each session.

Without rehashing old events we use our customised tracking tools to focus on what positive changes our clients noticed & what worked for them between their sessions. This works as a second kind of ‘conscious’ feedback where we are observing & taking note of the specifics as they move through their journey. By the end of their course of sessions many clients feel they can’t even remember where they started, they just feel great in their ‘new normal’!

Want more information about how it works?

Our facilities

We have created an ideal environment for relaxation & change at our studio at Burleigh Heads. We want everyone who visits to feel comfortable. We keep our studio open late to accommodate for after work or school and space our appointments so you don’t feel rushed.

Other Family Members & Dogs

Everyone is welcome as we are dog and child friendly. We just ask that they are respectful towards our beautifully cultivated little space. We do not allow dogs into the actual consult room itself unless they are registered support animals or guide dogs.

Tea & Water & Restrooms

We offer tea or purified water when you arrive. We also have a toilet inside our office for your convenience.

Blankets & Air Con

We have adults and children’s weighted blankets, normal snuggly blankets and we can also turn up the A/C to cool the consult room. We want you to be relaxed and comfortable.

Library of Books

We have built a small but relevant library of books which clients are welcome to borrow for the duration of their sessions or their rental period. Most are relevant to brain health, mental health conditions or spiritual break throughs. We believe that researching and gaining a deeper understanding of your brain and yourself can assist you in your journey. 

We would love to see you at your earliest convenience.