About Neurofeedback

What is Neurofeedback in general?

The brain typically does not have a sense of how it is functioning, it just works as best it can based upon genetics, past wiring and physical augmentation due to injuries. Neurofeedback is a way for the brain to receive information on itself, so it has a better understanding of how it is operating. The system works by reading what is going on through sensors & delivering that information back to the brain in a language that it can understand. The brain then can choose to self-regulate, adjusting towards functioning in a more optimum way. Neurofeedback as a methodology has been around for several decades now and is widely accepted as an effective way to optimise brain function.

What does the system look like and what are it’s parts?

The NeurOptimal system itself can seem complicated but it only has a few vital parts.

A. Microsoft Tablet with proprietary NeurOptimal software
This is just a normal Microsoft tablet loaded with the Neurofeedback software which translates the activity coming from your brain and feeds it back to you through the headphones. 

B. Z Amp & Sensors
This is the ‘brain’ of the system. We place the sensors on your head and ears and this box reads the electrical cortical activity and relays it to the software.

C. Headphones
These are noise cancelling headphones which allow you to zone out to focus on hearing the music & receiving the feedback the system is offering your brain

Neurofeedback system components

About NeurOptimal Dynamical Brain Training

NeurOptimal Dynamical Brain Training is a Canadian system which has been around for over 20 years and is used around the world. We are the only Dynamical Non-linear Neurofeedback system available on the world market. This means we work with the brain’s own dynamical nature in that it is constantly learning and adapting. The system’s creators began working with the Linear systems and over time evolved and enhanced the more traditional concept into a platform which is much more in tune with the dynamical nature of the human brain. The systems are sold internationally and over 3 Million hours of sessions have been logged all over the world so it is widely accepted as an safe & effective tool to train your brain.

How does NeurOptimal Dynamical Brain Training work?

When you are hooked up, the system begins receiving electrical information from your brain through sensors which are placed on your ears and head. Any line or external noises are removed, leaving only the electrical messages from the chaotic cortical activity inside the brain. The system works with this information. It receives it and observes the duration, intensity, frequency and shifts of the activity. This means it is looking at how long the brain is holding a pattern, the strength of the pattern, the frequencies and the changes in activity, velocity and acceleration. It is working across the brain using nearly all the information provided.

NeurOptimal takes this information and offers feedback to the brain in a mathematical language it understands. It is having a conversation with the brain and is telling it what it is doing and how it is doing it. These messages are processed back and forth 256 times per second, so they are working in amazing real time. This may be the first time the brain has received information on itself about how it is functioning.

The feedback is delivered via an interruption to the audio being heard in the headphones. It sounds like a small scratch or break in the music. The message is received non-consciously, this means you do not need to actively do anything through the session to receive the feedback or benefit, you just need to be able to hear the music or audio.

Two things happen because of this interruption. Firstly, the brain is being brought back into the present moment; ingrained cortical patterns are interrupted, bringing both the brain and the body out of the past & the future and into the now. Secondly, it is teaching the brain to see the correlation between it’s activity and the interruption so it learns more each session about what it does and how it functions. It can then use this information to adjust it’s function over the short & long term. It is effectively using the information to self organise and regulate; like a defrag for a computer.

The nature of how the feedback is delivered is organic and is simply feeding information about itself back, it is not directing the brain in any way or giving it parameters to work to or goals to achieve. This means that the user’s brain is not pushed further than it should be or using certain societal markers to force people into ‘normal levels’. It is giving information to you, so you get a better autonomous balance within yourself. It also means that it is not relying on a formal diagnosis to begin training; anyone and everyone can train.

The process of NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback is about respecting our brains (and us) as individuals, offering it information on itself & giving the brain an opportunity to optimise itself as it chooses.

What is the process of using the system?

What is the difference between this and other Neurofeedback systems?

We are the only Non-Linear Dynamical Neurofeedback system available which means we work with the dynamical nature of the brain in that it is constantly changing as it learns from it’s environment. Other systems are what we call Linear Systems. We have detailed the major differences below:

NeurOptimal Dynamical Non-Linear Neurofeedback

Linear Neurofeedback Systems

How we add to your experience of your Neurofeedback Sessions

We have a lovely studio space where we meet and train our clients. It is relaxing & private, located in Burleigh Heads. We want everyone to be comfortable so we stagger our appointments so nobody feels rushed in and out, this also ensures that you receive all of the information you need to understand Neurofeedback and our process.

Our priority is you and your family. Click below to find out more about what to expect from your session and training with us.