Not at all. The sensors are stuck on with a conductive paste to enhance the signal coming from the electrical activity within your brain. The system does nothing more than read what is coming out and ‘feed’ that information ‘back’ to the brain in a language it can understand by interrupting the music at the exactly right time. NeurOptimal does not direct the brain or central nervous system in any way.

The session hooked up to the system goes for 33 minutes and it takes a couple of minutes either side to hook up and disconnect. We offer a FREE initial appointment which is up to 1.5 Hours and a standard appointment is around 1 hour.

You do not need to do anything to prepare to come and see us. We have a simple form to fill out when you arrive but other than that we just want you to feel at home.

Yes, we work with children often. In fact, they gain great benefit for a couple of reasons:

  • They do not have to be actively engaged with anything to obtain benefit, other NF systems require the trainee to be focused on a screen or game, with NeurOptimal they can sleep, relax, read it does not affect the result at all.
  • his is not something that they can ‘fail’ at. If your child suffers with confidence issues they cannot fail at this because you can’t fail at listening to relaxing music for 30 minutes!
  • It is a chance for them to feel independent. It is their session; they get hooked up and put the headphones on they are in their own space and it allows them to time out from the rest of the world for a while.
  • NeurOptimal allows them to start to build a relationship with themselves internally. Success in life is easier when you know yourself, optimising your brain can give you more self-awareness and thus more insight into your own internal process and responses. They are on an internal journey only they can walk (with all of our support in the wings of course)!

Of course, we have space to accommodate everyone in our studio space. So if you are coming from school there is no need to drop anyone home and double back.

Yes, you most definitely can. It is always important for parents to get an insight into what their children are doing. We offer you a free first session also.

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