Depression is common across Australia with around 1 Million people diagnosed at any one time. It is a mood disorder which can impact heavily on a person’s ability to live their best life possible. It is different from being down or sad although the feeling can be similar.

Depression symptoms can vary between men, women, and children so it is important to seek professional advice for a diagnosis but there are some consistencies:

  • Cloudy or foggy brain
  • Low energy, both physically and emotionally
  • Depression and Anxiety often appear together.
  • Irritability or outbursts.
  • Reduced sexual desire.
  • Hopelessness

A general diagnosis can revel two different types of depression listed below as well as revel more complicated presentations such as bipolar.

The two main types are:

Major Depressive Disorder – Severe feelings but over a shorter period.

Persistent Depressive Disorder – Milder symptoms but over a longer period.

Clients have sought out NeurOptimal Neurofeedback if they have received a formal diagnosis by way of a depression test because brain training can help clear mental fog and regulate emotions. It can also support other treatments or talk therapies. They report to us that regular sessions have helped lift the heavy feelings. Depression medication is something that our clients are commonly on and we can provide a full information dossier for a prescribing professional for their approvals; we want everyone to be part of your healing process.

The fact that the participant does not have to ‘do’ anything to reap the benefits helps our clients relax further into the healing process as it is not something you need to ‘try at’ and you can not ‘fail’. It is all passive and positive.

We have worked closely with clients on their journey out of the desert of depression and been privileged to witness their transformation. If you would like to know more about the process, please contact us today.

“I have seen a remarkable improvement in a friend of mine after 10 sessions of NeurOptimal – the ten sessions recommended by Gema.  Although my friend was extremely sceptical and did not understand why the therapy worked, it worked indeed!!!  After six sessions he was feeling a lot better – after the next 4 – I can honestly say, I have not seen him this content and comfortable in about 15 years!!” A.N