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Lay back, relax and enjoy the benefits of NeurOptimal® brain training, used worldwide to significantly upgrade relationships, work performance and emotional resilience.

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Who can Neurofeedback help?

Neurofeedback works with anyone who would like a safe & simple way to naturally improve their brain function. People come to us as individuals, couples and whole family units, including children. We have a couple of different ways you can access our services; in office and in your home. 

NeruOptimal does not require a formal diagnosis to be effective but often people contact us with a variety of additional challenges such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Brain Injury or Trauma. We have had a wide variety of positive results reported from clients across the board.

How does Neurofeedback work?

NeurOptimal is a ‘real time’ brain training system which effectively reads the cortical activity from inside your brain through sensors placed on the scalp and then relays information back to the brain about how it is functioning through an interruption to music listened to.

The brain has never had a sense of how itself before so it can use this information to make relevant improvements. NeurOptimal is different from other ‘Linear’ systems in that it does not direct or tell the brain what to do, rather it is simply informing it what it has just done so it can learn to do better.

What are the typical benefits?

Our clients have reported a wide variety of benefits based upon their individual challenges & situations. Most comment about the improvements to their sleep quality, emotional stability & decreases in impulsivity. This has resulted in them enjoying their day to day life more.

We find the benefits are compounding. As the brain is learning more about itself & begins to self-organise, it responds more effectively to the outside world. This creates an ‘upward spiral’ where you can start to feel a new ‘normal’, the improvements become the standard, more positive way of being.

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It's Safe

NeurOptimal® has been used around the world for nearly two decades. Over 3 Million sessions have been conducted and people of all ages have seen the positive benefits in their everyday lives.

It’s Relaxing

During a session you do not need to do anything. Just relax and listen to the calming music. Your brain will decide how it wants to respond to the feedback and you will simply enjoy the results afterwards.

It’s Affordable

We know how precious money is, your first session is FREE so that you can be introduced to how it can work in your life. After this, we offer single sessions and session packages which reduce the price further.

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